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Risk Management for Dental Professionals

bigstock-Doctor-360Aesthetic Dentistry Risk Factors

Aesthetic dentistry can turn ugly when a patient is dissatisfied with results. Managing patient expectations is the key to minimizing potential liability.

Patient Records

A number of malpractice lawsuits are filed each year by patients who claim the dental treatment they received led to a complication or bad result, as a consequence of an existing medical condition which contributed to the poor outcome. The patients claim that, although their dentist did not know of the condition, he or she should have been aware of it through the patient's medical history. Finally, these patients maintain their dentist is negligent because the dentist failed to recognize the condition and prevent the complication or bad result.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Q. I recently received a call from a local pharmacy regarding a patient I last saw about a year ago. The pharmacist inquired about a recent prescription for narcotics that had been phoned in using my DEA number, purportedly by one of my staff. It became apparent during the conversation that it had been the patient herself who called in the prescription, as well as others attributed to area physicians. I am concerned about the potential consequences I may confront because this patient used my personal information to obtain controlled substances. Is there anything I can do at this point to minimize my risk?

Referral Risk

Although referrals generally improve the quality of care patients receive, it sometimes happens that a patient claims injury while under the care of the referral dentist. The claimant may cast a wide net in such an instance, alleging not only that the treating dentist committed malpractice but that you, the referring dentist, made a negligent referral that put the patient in harm's way.

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